One of our unique tour packages is the Early Morning Tour, where its just you and Mumbai. Before the rush hours start Mumbai is a very quiet and mesmerizing city. It is the best time to explore Mumbai, by beating the Mumbai heat.

Duration of tour: 2 - 3 hours
Number of people: 1 - 3
Price: 6200 INR.

Sasoon Docks

The Sassoon Docks is one of the oldest docks in Mumbai, and one of the few docks in the city open to the public. It is also the largest wholesale fish market in Mumbai. Standing at the docks it is quite a feat to watch the fishing trawlers arrive and unload their fresh catch, and people shouting to get the best deals. Also get a chance to see the "koli" fisherman sell their catch.

Washing laundry

Washing Laundry or popularly known as "Dhobi Ghat" is the world's largest human-powered outdoor laundry. Dhobi Ghat is a very popular attraction among foreign tourists. The washers, locally known as Dhobis, work in the open to wash the clothes from Mumbai's hotels, guest houses, and hospitals.

Fisherman Village

When Mumbai (formerly called Bombay) was a collection of seven small islands, the fisherman also called as "Koli" were the original inhabitants of Mumbai. Koli families still do the age old fishing business by getting into the sea early morning and sometimes late night. Fishing is a very old business of Koliwada people, one can find koli women equally working and helping their husbands to dry, clean and prepare fishes ready to sell in nearby market.

It is a quite a sight to see the fisherman sort their catch and set everything ready to sell their fish to their customers.

Flower Market

The flower market in Dadar is one of the most famous places to buy flowers for locals at wholesale prices. The intense fragrance of jasmine and rose blossoms, marigolds, mogra; when they are being set on display to be sold is very pleasant and sensuous. A great place for photographers to capture wide range of colors.

Crawford Market

Named after Arthur Crawford, the first Municipal Commissioner of the city was renamed Mahatma Jyotiba Phule Market in honour of a famous social reformer who along with his wife, was a pioneer in women's education. The design is a mixture of Norman and Flemish architecture.

Crawford Market is a popular spot for buying all the household items.It was the main wholesale market till 1966. Many imported goods such as food items, cosmetics, and furniture are also available at discounted rates.